About A Technovolved Earth

Millions of years in the future, humanity has been living underground due to a robot apocalypse. On the surface, fully automated power plants, factories and robots have been competing for energy and components, resulting in technota — wild technology — that have been evolving to better survive and spread. These technota range from autotrophs and pests to advanced systems, parasites, predators and prey.

Meanwhile, biological life hasn’t been standing still either. The more energy on Earth to be controlled by humans and technology, the more organisms have been forced to evolve to match. The results are a range of plants, animals and more that are adapted to living alongside humans as vermin and thieves, causing diseases and extracting energy from human endeavors.

So humans, in A Technovolved Earth, must survive in this scarce world, competing for everything from concrete to oxygen. Thousands more pests have evolved to steal from humans at every juncture. This is a high-tech but low-resource society, because every human colony is forced to spend most of its time and energy to defend itself.

A few quick basic terms to understand the setting:

  • Technota are wild technology and robots, meaning they evolve like organisms as they compete for electricity, components and minerals.
  • An assassinbot is a wild robot that seeks to kill all humans.
  • A codus is like a disease (a code virus) that affects a robot or other piece of technology.
  • A collector is a collection of robots and other phenomena that gather particular elements or chemicals (iron, cyanide) and concentrate them in one location, creating a specialized biome.
  • A pod is a small autonomous robot that creates itself from the destroyed or dismantled remains of other robots, factories, etc.
  • The OSC (Old Surface Civilization) was the world that existed until the robot apocalypse in about the year 2150 AD.